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Good afternoon Year 3! laugh

 Hehehehe, yes! Your back yes I hope you've had a great day so far? 


This afternoon you will be drawing/sketching a picture of the fabulous wings that helped Icarus and Daedalus escape the Labyrinth. 


However, before any of this can begin we must learn the story of Icarus and Daedalus. I think you will be pleasantly surprised to learn what happened after Theseus killed the mighty Minotaur.


Watch the video below. Once that is finished, you can have a chance to look at the examples of different kinds of wings and choose a pair to sketch - pause the video at the page of pictures after watching the teaching video.


Have fun! 

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Apologises for the misspelt word, 'comprehension' in the video. I forgot to add the 're'. Opps blush I didn't notice until after uploading the video, eek! 

Monday 8th March 2021 WALT create art from the imagination Icarus wings

Below is a tutorial video that shows you step by step instructions on how to draw a set of wings. The video demonstrates how to create 3 sets of wings; fairy, dragon and angel wings. The teaching part for sketching angel wings is after 3.20 mins time mark. However, we only know what the wings looked like through the minds of others and their imagination. It's up to you to choose your winged design (including feathers) and show us what your creativity and imagination can produce. angellaugh Hehe, exciting!


In addition, just below this drawing tutorial is another more challenging tutorial. I believe a lot of you a incredibly talented artists, and I'd like to think that you would challenge yourself to learn how to and ensure that you have included some blending and a little shading into your piece of art. yesyeswink But of course, it's your choice. 


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For those of you who are feeling extra creative and haven't had a chance to think about Mothering Sunday (14th March 2021), here is a chance to learn how to make an origami heart with wings. heartlaugh Your very own gift of love.


Below is a video tutorial to help support you while creating your master piece! wink


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