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English and Topic challenge


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Monday 18.01.21

Please can an adult at home read the start of each sentences. Let the child discuss what each answer could be from listening to the story. We would like the child to try and sound out and write the following answer for each sentence.


1) best

2) bright

3) cool

4) mix


The children do not need to be able to spell the whole word by them self. Start with the initial sound and help as appropriate.


Tuesday 19.01.21

Today can you look at the colour families and write in the missing colour to complete the colour sum.

Wednesday 20.01.21


Today please reread the story and discuss the following questions.


Can you name the three colours at the start of the story?

Which colour was the loudest?

Which colour was the brightest?

Which colour was the coolest?

What colour did Yellow and Blue make?

Can you name some of the other colours that were made?


Thursday 21.01.21


Please can you sequence the story. Write numbers underneath the images to order the story.

Friday 22.01.21


Can you retell the story without rereading it?

Reread the story and see what you had forgotten.