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Tuesday 5th May

Good Morning Bishop Rid friends


On a scale from 1-10 how are you feeling this morning? Do you miss friends?cheeky Why don't you make a call a friend on face time and colour in together:) 


This week we went for a bike ride in Danson and found a rainbow on a stomp. It said: ''Please take me home and hang me in your window.'' yes I thought maybe some of you might be keen to continue this and bring a smile to a strangers face. Ones you made the rainbow you can paint it in different colours and even add some glitter to bring some sparkle to someone's day! Pay it forward I call it. 


 I am adding an easy salt dough recipe and some ideas to keep you busy. The recipe is easy  to follow and uses very little ingredients. wink


I'm super excited! Let's call this our community project! Do email me if you do come around to do this:) I would love to see: cl@bishop-ridley.bexley.sch.ukcheeky


Happy rainbow making!!


Bishop Ridley cares for everyoneheart



Salt dough recipe

Salt dough hand