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Tuesday 5th January

Be active, read often, see the good, forgive soon, send good messages;-) 


Welcome this new year with a happy and good soul. Happy New Year dear children.


God bless you.


Miss Smalley and Mrs Gorin


Multiply 3 numbers

Before doing the worksheet, go through the whole of the learning video pausing as you need to. Try and answer as many questions on the worksheet as you can, but don't worry if you cannot answer all of them; it's our first day back! 😉


English lesson

Topic - Science work

As always at the beginning of our new topic, we want to find out how much we already know before learning new facts. Our new topic is related with teeth and our digestive system. Please open the document below which will help you organise your work. If you don't know much about teeth and digestion - nothing to worry about! We will learn a lot this term but I am sure you will be able to include some facts you already know;-) Good luck.