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Thursday 7th May

Hello Bishop Ridley Team


Welcome to another glorious day to make a change. Be the change in the world out there. cheeky


Tomorrow the 8th of May 2020 will mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day, which will be another occasion of celebrations. Do you know what VE stands for? Maybe you can look that up? frown


Here is some ideas of what you and your families can do to make this day special. People all around Europe will celebrate this big occasion as a family.surprise You can hang up your own bunting made of paper, you can colour in or use red, blue and white paper cut into triangles and hang it onto string, rope or ribbon. Or simply blow up some balloons, play some music and voila you have a party! yes


Please email me your images and then I can add this to our website if you would like me to.


Enjoy today, none of us know what tomorrow will bring! angel


Carpe Diem (means 'Siez the day!!')

Bishop Ridley cares for everyoneheart

VE celebration time frame

Union Jack Template to colour and put in your window

Bunting template

Why don't you build a Second World war hide out to play in. Simply get some recycled material and some tape.

I am super excited to see what you can come up with to commemorate this day.  


Be safe Bishop Ridley families we all miss you!


Mrs. Leewink