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Wed 24 Feb

MATHS - Subtract fractions with the same denominator

Today you will learn how to subtract fractions with the same denominator and you will be introduced to new mathematical terms: reduction and comparison. Watch the video carefully, repeating any parts that you find hard to understand. There is a challenge in today's work when you will be asked to find equivalent fractions by simplifying them. Please watch both of today's videos to help with this, but if you really don't understand and want to work independently, only answer the part of a question that requires subtracting the numerators and leave the next part asking for your answer to be simplified blank. Good luck.😊

Simplifying Fractions

Simplifying fractions makes them more simple to deal with and it is simply cancelling down equivalent fractions by dividing the numerator and the denominator by a common factor that is in each. For example, any fraction with a numerator and denominator that are even numbers can be divided by 2 to cancel it down: eg 20/40 can be cancelled down to 10/20 and further still to 5/10 which, in it's simplest form will be 1/2. We recommend you watch the first 3 minutes of this video before completing today's worksheet. If you are feeling confident, why not watch the whole of this video and learn how to simplify mixed numbers! 😜 REMEMBER, WE ONLY WANT YOU TO SIMPLIFY FRACTIONS IN YOUR WORK TODAY IF YOU FEEL CONFIDENT TO DO SO. 😁

English - Anglo Saxons everyday life

Please listen to the first two chapters of our new book - The Saga of Erik the Viking.

The Saga Of Erik the Viking Chapter 1

The Saga Of Erik the Viking Chapter 2

PE with MR E


Hello Year 4 I hope you all had a good half term and enjoyed the break. This term we will be focusing on the sport Tag Rugby.


For your lesson today I would like you look up the rules of Tag Rugby and design a poster explaining those rules. Hopefully we will be back in school soon and if we are I would like you all to know the rules of the game so we can go straight into playing the game.


Also try out the fitness bingo game below. Either complete a line of exercises or a full house of exercises. If you have someone at home, play a connect 5 competition and complete 5 exercises in a row or diagonally to win.


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