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Good morning Year 5!  You have been doing so well with your tense work over the last couple of weeks - well done!  This week we are going to look at the past perfect tense

I have given you a couple of useful videos and a PowerPoint to hopefully explain how to recognise and use the past perfect tense.  Use what you have already learnt about the past, perfect and progressive tenses to help you as it all builds on your knowledge. The PowerPoint then introduces the types of questions for your tasks.  You can also look back at the videos from last week if you need to as they still apply.  Then choose one of the sheets to complete based on how confident you feel.  Take your time and re-read your answers carefully!


The main things to remember today that will help you are...


  • When using the 'perfect' tense - it is something that has been completed.
  • When using the past perfect, use 'had' + the past tense verb.  E.g. Mrs Mason had worked all day preparing amazing lessons for her wonderful year 5 classes whilst her children squirted her with water guns! (True! wink)


You will notice that the past perfect is only slightly different from the present perfect that you did last week.  Can you spot the difference?


Armstrong class - Remember to email Mrs Mason today.


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