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Good morning smiley


How are you today? Did you enjoy your first task? 



Haha, you'll be pleased to know that the first Topic we'll be exploring in September is, 'Heroes and Villains'. As you know, as teachers we always take pleasure in displaying your drawings, writing and craft ideas. Your task today, is to create an arts and craft idea for a Superhero or Villain (or both) that has inspired you or captured your attention for some reason or another. I bet your first thought was a superhero like Superman but what if someones else's superhero was a person of inspiration? A person who did a deed for the world or made a place a better experience because they fought for something worthwhile? This is your choice, there is no right or wrong in the superheroes or villains your choose. OR create. We will be collaborating your craft for our class display in September.  


You might want to choose to produce a painting or collage, Top Trump cards, including details of the persons strengths and weaknesses, etc. You might even make something in 3D. Who knows enlightened


We do not want to ruin your fabulous work so we suggest that your adult takes a photo of your creation and send that over via email. Please keep your creation in a safe place and bring it back to school with you in September; we can't wait to see it!


Enjoy and stay safe laugh