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This maths is for today and tomorrow so please don't rush, explore consolidating what you have learned about Fractions so far. 

Good morning, 


Today and tomorrow you will be working on consolidating what you have learned in Fractions so far. I have uploaded several work sheets for you to complete in your own time or maybe to use as a warm up before your work today and tomorrow. 


Please take your time to go through all the learning material provided over the last week if you have any problems completing the tasks. I have also added the link to those learning materials at the bottom of this page for quicker access. 


Remember there is no rush. You have one set of worksheets to suit all.  The tasks will take you 2 days to complete so I do not expect to receive them before Friday. 


The other work sheets are optional but I know how much your children love to learn so I thought I could add some activities. Also remember to use online learning games to support your development. is my favourite. 


Enjoy your day. laugh


 I have also uploaded this Fractions Game in case you wish to continue to learn through play.