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Friday 26th March

Diana Class

Pupil of the Week - Drew for the Christian Value of Thankfulness. Drew has had an excellent week of learning and attitude towards learning. He has completed a very thoughtful piece of work for RE and has been able to complete his own Book of Positivity with ease this week. Well Done Drew!


Author of the Term - Emma ‚Äč Emma has had an unrecognisable improvement to her handwriting this term, but has also shown a keen attitude to follow advice about how to improve the content of her written pieces, for example paragraphs, punctuation and emotive vocabulary. Well Done Emma!

Shepherd Class

Pupil of the week

This week we have chosen Jack for the Christian values of thankfulness and endurance. jack always engages fully in all our lessons with enthusiasm and determination. He is taking on board feed foward comments to improve his work further and we have noticed a great improvemnet with his handwriting. Keep up the good work Jack.

Author of the Term

This term we have chosen Lily. She has made such an improvement with all of her written work. She has been taking on board the feed forward comments and improving her spelling and handwriting. Lily wrote an amazing letter from Zeus using paragraphs, interesting and emotive vocabulary which was presented beautifully. Be proud of your achievements Lily. Very well done! 

Very sadly, we are unable to be in school today to have our Ancient Greece Day. We would still like you to enjoy your themed day, so below are a number of different activities you could try, so please choose which ones you would like to do. 


We'd also love you to complete a fact-file, poster, Powerpoint presentation or a model of an aspect of Ancient Greece that we have been learning about. It could be Gods and Mortals, food, clothing, the Ancient Greek Olympics, theatre, art, myths or anything else that is of interest to you. You can present your work in whichever way you'd like.  Remember that we have been using in our Computing lessons to complete research, so you could use this to help you today.


The mask templates are below too, so you could decorate your mask for a character from the Greek myths, as we would have done in school. Some recipes are below (link to homework page) which you could maybe try too. 


If you have a costume, please send Mrs Torrance or Mrs Ellis a photo and we'll put them on the website!