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Thur 25 feb

Dear Curie Class


Just another thank you for sending your excellent work for the last few days,

Today I will be in school looking after our key worker children but please continue to send me your work. 

I won't be able to give you individual feedback on every piece of work but please know, I will see it and tick you off on the list which I will send to Mr Keep to show you are still working incredibly hard.

You are doing really well - stay positive and continue working hard! wink


Not much longer and we will see each other again! YAY!!!


Have a lovely day.heart


Mrs Gorin

MATHS - Subtract 2 fractions

You are all doing so well, we are very impressed! 👏😁 Today we continue to subtract fractions. If you feel confident and you understood yesterday's work, you should sail through today's lesson, but if you struggled with yesterday's work, let your teacher know so that we can arrange further support. Do continue to use bar models to help you because today you begin to subtract from mixed numbers (but you know that one whole is equal to the numerator and denominator being the same, so two wholes is when the numerator is double the denominator, three wholes is when the numerator is treble the denominator etc). Remember to watch the video more than once if you need to and only do the challenge questions if you feel confident enough to do them. Good luck! 👍



The story takes place in the early to mid sixth century and consists of two parts. TODAY WE ARE ONLY INTERESTED IN THE FIRST PART;-)


At the beginning of this term we will be looking at a belief system rather than a religion. In the second half of this term we will be looking at Christianity, the concept of Salvation and the Easter Story.


Today we will be focusing on Humanism (a belief system).

Lesson 1

"How can I be happy?" Narrated by Stephen Fry - That's Humanism!

A short Humanist video exploring what makes people happy.Written & produced by the British Humanist Association in conjunction with SkeptiSketch, and narrate...