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Friday 10th July



The Mystery of the Guilty Gameshow Gangster


It's the filming of the second series of a game show called '30 to 1 Ninja Millionaire Supreme', where thirty contestants are whittled down to one over 4 heats of quiz questions, physical and mental challenges and dares. The winner receives one million pounds!


However, during the final minutes of filming, the host announced the winner and presented the locked case of £1,000,000...only to find that the case was empty!


Someone has stolen one million pounds. But how, with a lock on the case and security guards surrounding it? 


As most things were recorded by the TV cameras, the thief must be one of the contestants. Solve the clues attached below to find out who the perpetrator was.


E-mail us with the name of the thief and we'll let you know if you were correct.


Good luck!



Today's tasks are all about looking to the future and there are 2 activities for you to complete.


1. Lots of you did some great research about your new school uniform when thinking about transition and today we would like you to put your own creative spin on this. We would like you to design a new logo for your secondary school. Think carefully about the shapes and symbols that you will use along with the meaning behind them. You may want to draw your new logo or create it electronically using paint or PowerPoint. If you are feeling really creative, you may want to use paint/chalks or create it using collage materials so that it is 3D. The choice is yours!


2. You will all be studying science in September and will have the opportunity to ask lots of scientific questions. Have a think about the world around you and come up with 3 questions for your new science teachers. 


For example,

Why does my cat have stripes?


Write your questions down and keep them somewhere safe so that you can take them along to your first science lesson.