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Today we will continue to order fractions.  Some of the more challenging questions ask you to order fractions with different denominators .  The videos explain how you can do this using the patterns you have already looked at to find equivalent fractions in your work from last week.  If you do not yet understand this concept after watching both the videos below, do not worry, just attempt the first work sheet. If you think you understand and that you can order fractions that have different denominators (but are part of the same fraction family) challenge yourself to the second worksheet.  You can always revisit yesterday's powerpoint or look again at Mr Morrissy's fraction wall where he compares fractions from last Weds (6.38 to 8.42 minutes in) to recap on what you have learnt so far and to help you with the work today.


TOP TIP you will see from the videos that finding a common denominator so that it is easier to order fractions relies on your knowledge of times tables, so if you know these, you should be able to make the conversions and order fractions with different denominators.


Good luck.

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