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Monday 13th July

Hello! Welcome to your first task for Year 5!


Today is all about you. This is your chance to introduce yourselves to us, by telling us the things you think we should know about you. We would like you think about and include the following things:


*your name 

*facts about you and your family

*your likes and dislikes

*your personality-do you like to chat or will you be the one telling us jokes??

*things you would like to achieve in Year 5

*any questions that you would like to ask about Year 5


If possible, please use the template below to type up your introduction (don't forget to use full sentences!) and then email it back to your new teacher when you are finished.  This will give you a great chance to show off your computer skills and will possibly one of the only times we ask you not to write a piece of work by hand!


We look forward to learning a bit more about you all :)