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Equality & Diversity

At Bishop Ridley, we are committed to advancing equality and promoting respect for difference and diversity through our vision, ethos and values.


  • One Community – As “One Community”, we understand that we are all different, and all equal. In our school, we believe that it is key for children to develop a respect for those that are different to them in order to build the one global community we strive for.
  • Learning and growing together – We understand that many equality and diversity issues are sensitive. As part of “Learning and Growing Together”, we approach this on two levels: firstly, a level that models education being the key way to break barriers and build understanding and, secondly, a level that recognises the conscious and unconscious bias of us all and its impact on achieving a truly inclusive world.
  • Sharing the love of God – We understand that equality and diversity is rooted in the theology of ‘Understanding Christianity’. Through key themes, such as Creation and Fall, we know that humans are made in the image of God, everyone is unique and wonderfully made, but all make mistakes. Christians believe that it is through God that we can be united in love.


Equality & Diversity Forum

The school invites members of the school community (parents/carers of children in the school, staff, governors and members of the Bishop Ridley Church) to share ideas and support the school in achieving its aims through our Equality & Diversity Forum.


Recent topics of discussion within the forum have included (Dec-21):

  • Plans for the school's Equality & Diversity Week
  • Plans for whole staff Equality & Diversity training
  • A review of school library books


Policy Documents

The School's Equality (including Equal Opportunities) & Diversity Policies can be found on our "Policies" page.


Equality and Diversity Week - 2022

As a key drive for our Equality and Diversity work in the curriculum, each year group has covered a range of Equality and Diversity learning through learning about key individuals and events.

Useful Resources for Parents/Carers


The following resources have been recommended through the school's Equality and Diversity forum and have each proven to be a useful tool in approaching different elements of equality and diversity learning. However, please be aware that these resources are not controlled by the school and should be reviewed carefully before using.