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Fri 26 Feb

Hello Year 4 laugh

We hope that this is our last Lock Down Friday (there is no on line learning next Friday) and on Monday 8th March we will all be together again at school when we can all see our friends and the whole school community once more - Team 4 are really looking forward to seeing you all again. heart

Mrs Gorin and Miss Smalley wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you for continuing on your learning journey throughout these difficult times, you have submitted fabulous work and therefore every one of you, at home and at school, deserve to be pupils of the week this week and we will give you all an extra sticker to add to all those that we have been saving up when you return to the classroom.  WELL DONE.!


We also had a special competition as part of Storytelling Week.  Well done to all of you that entered and all the stories sent in to us have been uploaded on our main Year 4 page.  The winners are:



Hudgell Class were in a unique situation because it was the only class in the school with just 2 entries: both were equally fabulous and Miss Smalley was unable to choose.  After consultation with Miss Facey and other members of staff, it was unanimously agreed that there was a tie break and, therefore, Miss Facey will be contacting both Finley and Melissa today to discuss their prizes.  Well done to both of you for working so hard on your stories.


Curie Class - this was an extremely difficult decision to make. I've had four entries and all of them were excellent and very different however I can only choose one winner. I have decided to choose Chante for her wonderful story. I am very impressed with her idea, imagination, use of punctuation marks and ambitious vocabulary. Well done!




Today you are going to subtract from whole amounts and we are going to do something a little different! 

We would like you to watch the videos in the order that they are in today (so you will watch the YouTube video first and then the White Rose teaching video).  We believe that this will really help you with today's learning! You know you can do this! winkyes

How to calculate a whole number or mixed number minus a fraction


Subtract from whole amounts

Please make sure you watch the first video put up for today before watching the White Rose teaching video because we are confident that it will help you to understand how subtracting fractions works and will equip you for today's learning. Remember, if you struggle to do the work independently, let your teacher know! but we are truly impressed with how you are managing to learn how to add and subtract fractions so far! KEEP UP THE GREAT LEARNING! 👍😁👏

English - Pagans

Anglo-Saxon Religion

Anglo-Saxon Religion - for Primary Schools.

Please listen to the next two chapters of our current reading book.

The Saga of Erik the Viking Chapter 3

Erik and the Sea Dragon

The Saga of Erik the Viking Chapter 4

By Terry JonesErik and The Old Man of The Sea

PE 5-a-day Fitness: Big Jubilee Dance (remember to take into account the amount of space available so that you can work safely before beginning today)!

The Big Jubilee Dance is exclusively produced by for Big Dance. It will take you on a journey of music and dance through the six decades! If you can, get a member of your household to join in this little keep fit activity with you, but if no one is available, you can do it solo! Enjoy! 😁