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Weekly Homework

Term 5- Darwin's Delights!


Friday 14th May 2021

For your English homework this week, we would like you to complete the activities that have been allocated to you on If you have misplaced your log-in details, please email your class teacher so that we can send them to you again.


For maths, we would like you to log in to and complete the activity on rounding numbers.


If you have forgotten your log in details, please email your class teacher and we will do our best to get these sent over to you as quickly as possible. 

Term 4- A Child's War


Please find below your spelling for this term. Please continue to learn the same spellings as last term unless you hear from your class teacher.


We will upload a video for each group's spelling test every Wednesday so look out for these and let us know how you get on.

Term 3- Blood Heart


Please find below your spelling for this term. Most children will learn Group 3 Spellings. If you are not learning Group 3 spellings, your class teacher will let you know via e-mail which spellings you are expected to learn. 


We will upload a video for each group's spelling test every Wednesday so look out for these and let us know how you get on.

Term 2- Frozen Kingdom


Welcome back to Term 2! We hope that you had a relaxing half term break :)


Please find below the spellings for this term. If you have forgotten which group you are in, please ask your class teacher. Spellings will be tested every Wednesday beginning Wednesday 11th November.

Friday 4th December


We have absolutely loved finding out all about the Titanic over the last couple of weeks and the children have written their own non-chronological reports about the disaster. They also created some beautiful bits of artwork this afternoon, showcasing their understanding of perspective (look out for photos of these at the end of term!).


To celebrate our learning of this area, we would like to set a special homework, in which the children will create a 'shoebox room' for our Titanic display. Each child has been given a room to create, such as the boiler room, the kitchen, a restaurant or a bedroom and you can be as imaginative as you like! We have included some photographs below to give you some inspiration and we can't wait to see what you come up with!


Please send in your finished rooms by Friday 18th December, so that we can get our display board created for the New Year.

Friday 13th November


In school this week, we have been learning about Robert Falcon Scott and his race to the South Pole against Roald Amundsen. 


For homework, we would like you to research another explorer and create a poster or fact file about them. You could choose another polar explorer such as Ernest Shackleton, or you might want to choose someone who explored other parts of the world, such as Christopher Columbus - the choice is yours! We will provide you with a sheet of A4 plain paper on which to do your work, and this needs to be returned to school by Friday 20th November.



Friday 6th November


Please read the text attached below and answer the relevant questions. If you are finding the text a little challenging, please complete the questions for Group 1 and if you would like a challenge, please complete Group 2.


Please note that for some of the questions, you may need to do some research in order to find the answers.


Due in: Friday 13th November

Friday 16th October


For homework this week, we would like you to design and build a Maya temple using junk materials. Have a look at the photos below for some inspiration.


Design your temple first on a piece of paper and then have a go at building it. You may use whatever you wish! Cardboard boxes, newspaper, card, lego...


Please take a photo of your finished temple and email it to us.





We will celebrate your work on our Year 6 page on the website :)

Friday 2nd October

For homework this week, we would like you to find and learn a poem, which you will then perform in front of the class at the end of next week (Thursday and Friday).


The poem should be at least 12 lines long and we require the children to learn this by heart. The poem does not have to rhyme, though the children may find it easier to learn if it does. Pupils will be allowed to use cue cards or actions to help them remember their poem. They will not be allowed a copy of the poem when they perform; however, they should give a copy to their class teacher, in case they need to be prompted. 


We appreciate that some children might find the idea of performing in front of a large group daunting, though we do try to encourage them to try this. If your child is becoming increasingly anxious at the idea of performing, do get in touch with us and we will make alternative arrangements.


For your information, we will be using the grid below to assess the pupils' performances:


Friday 25th September


This week, we would like you to complete a reading comprehension about Mexico, a spelling activity and a maths sheet linked to what we have been doing this week. The resources for this have put in your homework folder for you already but can also be found below.    


Due in: Friday 2nd October

Friday 18th September


This week, we would like you to make your periscope! We will send home a template which will help you construct your model, but you will need scissors, sticky tape and two small mirrors. Use the link below and follow the steps.


How to make a periscope


Due in: Friday 25th September




Friday 11th September


This week, you have been given your maths and English homework books, as well as a sheet to complete for both subjects. You have also received a copy of the spellings for this term. Our first spelling test is on Wednesday 16th September. If you have mislaid any of your sheets, let us know and we will replace them for you.


Due in: Friday 18th September