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Spelling Test

Grab yourself a pencil/pen and some paper, it's time for this week's spelling test. I will say each spelling twice, but pause the video where needed and work at your own pace. Good luck!


Don't forget to mark your answers afterwards, looking at the document beneath, and let your teacher know your score by email later today. I've added next week's spellings too (29th January) if you'd like to make a start on learning them this weekend.

Spellings 22nd January

To learn for Friday 29th January


Please watch the teaching video and then complete the writing task. I have included a writing template/border to match the theme, however please do not feel obliged to print it off if. We're very happy to receive typed work or written work on plain paper, also.  Please use any work or vocabulary from the last few days to help you. Don't forget to re-read your writing when you have finished and make any changes you need to.  

22nd January Rewriting part of a story