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Week 1 04.01.21

This half term our topic is - How many colours in a rainbow?


This week we are reading the book 'A Colour Of His Own'.


Please can you read this story each day.


Topic Challenge - This week we have looked at the story 'A Colour Of His Own'. We would like you to colour/paint/collage a chameleon and hide (camouflage) it somewhere in your home. Could you then take a picture, send it to your teacher and see if your they can find it?

A Color of his own, by Leo Lionni


Please read the story. Look at all the different animals and colours that are shown, can you name them?

Can you say and write the sounds you hear at the start of those words? Using the sounds that you know can you write more of that word?


Today please reread the story and discuss the following questions.


Why did the chameleon feel sad?

How are chameleons different to other animals?

Why would the chameleon want to change himself to match something else?

Why did the two chameleon decide to stay together?

Do you think that the chameleon felt different when he changes colour?


Please can you sequence the story. Write numbers underneath the images to order the story.


Can you retell the story without rereading it?

Reread the story and see what you had forgotten.