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WALT: Write a letter from Zeus to one of the other characters (assessment)

*I can use paragraphs in my writing.

*I can use different sentence openers.

*I can use a variety of punctuation including commas.

*I can use interesting and emotive language.

*I can use features of a letter.

Today we will be completing a piece of independent writing so we can see how much progress you are making with the Year 3 learning objectives. We have written a few letters now and you have impressed us with how you have included the features of an informal letter. Please return to Friday 12th March to re-visit the Powerpoint about the features before starting today.


Yesterday we read the story of Medusa. We have now read a number of different myths - Medusa, Daedalus and Iccarus, Pandora's Box and Theseus and the Minotaur. Zeus, the most powerful God had a part to play in all of these stories. Can you remember what he did in the stories? 


Today you are going to be writing a letter, independently, from Zeus to one of the characters from the myths. I wonder what he would like to say to Pandora? I wonder what he would like to say to Medusa? Which character would you like to write to from Zeus? Please re-visit any of the stories that have been put on the Year 3 website this term if you'd like to remind yourself. 


Please focus on:

* features of an informal letter.

* using paragraphs.

* using interesting and emotive language.

* using interesting openers.