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Good morning laugh Welcome to a new week in Year 3. 


This week we will be learning about paragraphs and how to write paragraphs correctly. Today you will study the Paragraph Power Point (guided learning) and complete the tasks set. You will then think about how you can write about you and your family by using paragraphs to help organise your writing. 


You will answers questions such as, What is a paragraph? Where would you see paragraphs being used? Why are paragraphs used? Can you explain to your adult what a paragraph is and how to use paragraphs correctly in your writing?  


The rest of the week will be concentrating on describing the character, Cruella De Vil from our topic story, 101 Dalmatians and turning your notes into paragraphs.


Friday is Big Write Day, where you are given the opportunity to show off your new writing skills and write a full character description of Cruella De Vil, complete with sub headings and descriptive language. Remember to have your notes from the week ready and maybe your writing tool kits to help you with suggestions. 


Please keep a daily look out to see what guided learning materials are available for each day.  


I have up loaded 2 support sheets with prompts about you and your family to support your development in writing. You are welcome to write straight into a writing book; underlining your heading and sub-headings as you go. You might even what to use the sheet prompts to help.


Good luck and enjoy your day of Home Learning yeswink

Year 3 laugh