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Good Morning smiley and Happy St. George's Day 


I hope you are safe, happy and ready for a new day? 


WALT use the present perfect form of verbs in contrast to the simple past tense.

Success Criteria: 

I can identify verbs in a sentence.

I know if a verb tense refers to past or present activity.

I understand the terms ‘present perfect tense’ and ‘simple past tense’.

I can choose the appropriate tense for my sentence.

Today, we would like you to concentrate on Past, Present and Perfect tense verbs. We have steadily learned about past and present tense throughout our time in Year 3 but this is a little more tricky; we hope you are up for the challenge? It's all about the timing! wink


Below are two PowerPoint Learning Guides, containing warm up and activity challenges to help you learn and become confident when using different kinds of verbs before completing the activity sheets. This will support, consolidate and improve your skills in writing. 


We have also uploaded some Past, Future and Present Tense Verb posters - we hope they help! laugh