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Tuesday 14th July



Today you are going to create some artwork that will be used to make a display in your new classroom.  We hope you are feeling excited and uplifted at the thought of joining Year 5 in September.  And what could be more exciting and uplifting than a helium-filled balloon? So, today you are going to draw/decorate an outline of a balloon.  And the theme is: All About You!


You need to decorate your balloon with pictures/patterns that represent you.  Maybe you could decorate it in the colours of your favourite football team, with drawings of your pets, your favourite foods, a place you like to go on holiday, your favourite subjects at school - the choice is yours.  Make it personal and unique to you.  You can use paint, pens, pencils, collage, tissue paper (even glitter, but don't tell your adults we suggested that).  Try and include your first name in the design so we can see which one is yours.  When you have finished your masterpiece please take a photo and send it to us.  You then need to put your balloon somewhere very safe and bring it into school in September.  We will then add some ribbon/string and make an amazingly colourful display.  


There is a template below (saved as both a Word Document and as a PDF).  You can print this out and get decorating.  If you don't have a printer, you can (or ask an adult to help you) draw an outline on an A4 piece of paper.  


We look forward to seeing your finished designs!