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Thursday 9th July



The Mystery of the Mixed-Up Football Shirts


It was the day of the final match in a football tournament. This was the day that the players had all been waiting for. They were nervous but excited to get into their football kits. However, when they finally opened their bags, they saw a huge problem and it didn't take long for chaos to follow!


All of the numbers and names on the players' football shirts had been mixed up! If the team are to take part in the final, they must find the culprit and fix this problem!


Solve the clues to find out which member of the opposing team has played this practical joke on the players.


E-mail us with the name of the fiendish footballer and we'll tell you if you are correct.


Good luck!



Today we would like you to write  an ‘I am’ poem. As you will be meeting a lot of new people and friends when starting secondary school this would be a great way to help introduce yourself. It should be a minimum of 5 lines and a maximum of 10.


For example:


I am excited to see my friends,

I am nervous about the different lessons,

I am worried about finding my way around,

I am looking forward to new subjects,

I am going to take part in lots of new sports.


Try to start each line in a different way to avoid your poem being too repetitive. Think about all of the feelings that you have towards secondary school and all of the things that you are looking forward to.