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Thursday 25th April. Bottle and stocking game

Bottle and stocking game

Good Morning Bishop Rid Friends

How was your day yesterday?blush I hope you are all doing your best for your teachers, but also for yourself. 

Remember to read your books. If you don't have a book to read you can always read a pamphlet or dictionaries or the rules of a game. Just keep the practice going.yes


Today I'm adding a fun game.cheeky Yay!!!


You will need a few bottles of water ( ask your adults if you can look in the recycling bin for some empty bottles) and fill them with tap water.

Then you will need a stocking to go over your head-with a ball or something heavy in the bottom. Hang your head forward and try to knock over the water bottles. Get someone to do this with you. It's loads of fun and laughter guaranteed. wink


Enjoy this game and be on the lookout for some more boredom busters on Tuesday!cool


Look after yourself and be kind to others. We know this is a challenging time for everyone, but we are making memories that will last forever.


Sweet dreams


Bishop Ridley Cares about youheart