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Wednesday 17th June

Good morning and welcome to Wednesday the 17th of June. 


                                                                 This week is BRITISH FLOWER week

The 15-21 June is an annual, national celebration of the wealth and variety of British cut flowers, plants and foliage. 

Often scented, British flowers have a natural charm and brings joy everywhere. 


2. interesting facts


1. British flowers are grown not flown. The average flower miles of our bouquets are less than a tenth of their foreign   counterparts.

1.  British flowers make British farmer happy. They help biodiversity (what does that mean? ) The flowers you buy from The Great British Florest have already provided food and habitat to a huge variety of butterflies, bugs and bees. 



Here is some links to help you draw some lovely flowerslaugh (name recognition activity for younger kids) Or use the flower template to write your sums or words on to help recognize them. (life cycle of the sunflower) (how to draw a poppy) 


Do see if you can draw a lovely flower for someone you care about.yes


Have a super day Bishop Friends




Mrs. C Leeheart