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Friday 24th April


Today we are looking at decimals that add together to make 1.  There's a video to watch which has some questions for you to try - it might be an idea to have some scrap paper or whiteboard to hand so you can pause the video and have a go at the questions. 


Good morning everyone


Today you are going to do some work connected with your new reading book, fronted adverbials and settings.

So first things first, don’t panic;-)


Listen to the second chapter of our story – The Wyrmstooth Crown. I also included, with Mr Martindale’s help, two links to your reading book so you can listen and read at the same time (using various types of devices). The eBook is divided into chapters so it is easy to follow each section (you don't need to sign in).


When you finish please watch a short video about fronted adverbials. You will see various examples of them and how they can be used.

Once you are ready, move on to you written task. Open the word document and create a piece of descriptive writing about Guster the dragon’s home.


Good luck and have a lovely weekend.wink