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Let's recap the learning from this week about the Greek Myth, Pandora's Box. Can you summarise what happened and can you summarise how Pandora might be feeling? 


Using what you have learnt about moral dilemmas recently, what moral dilemma did Pandora face? What choices did she have? Did she make the right choice? Explain your ideas. 


Today you will pretend to be Pandora. Please write an informal letter from Pandora's husband, explaining the moral dilemma that you faced. You must use paragraphs to organise your letter and explain to him what you have learnt from your decision. Perhaps you could even include a paragraph about whether you would make the same decision if you were faced with a similar dilemma in the future. 


Please look back at the Powerpoints on Friday 12th March as a reminder of the features of an informal letter before you begin.