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Wednesday 2nd December

Phonics 2.12.20

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Stomp, Chomp, Big Roars! Here come the Dinosaurs! by Kaye Umansky

Maths - Compare numbers

ICT with Mrs Lee

Morning lovely Children


What a great day to be wrapped up inside. Did anyone see the beautiful pink sunrise?


Today was going to be our first Coding lesson.


Coding is the act of writing instructions for a computer to make the computer perform a task. Do you remember when we played coding with each other. You each had a friend you had to program (tell them which instructions to follow and we had buckets loads of fun in the playground)


Coding may also be called programming. Computers only work as well as the instructions they have been given. 


For today's task I would like you to draw (make up a 3step poster using images There is no wrong or right. Just have a go. If you can bring this in to me when you get back to school for a sticker. 



1.First hop on the spot 2times

2. Then jump forward 3 steps.

3. Then step backward 


Please don't get upset about this. This is only practice for when we are back in the ICT suite to start our coding. I wanted you to have some fun. 


After you designed your coding why don't you practice it on a parent of sibling.


Have a marvellous day and we will make up for all the fun missed in person.


Be safe


Mrs. Leelaugh



PE  with MR E


Hello Year 1.

I hope you are all doing ok and keeping active whilst at home. Please find below two videos of games that you can play today and throughout the week.


The first video is called lava floor and this is to help you improve your balance skills, which you need for all sports. The other video is showing you how to make a chatterbox where you can add different exercises to the chatterbox and complete them with a sibling or your family. Please bring the chatterboxes to school when you come back.


Check out the Take a Break page for some other games as well.


Please send any updates to


Have fun.