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Good morning!  Happy Friday! 


The Firework-Maker’s Daughter - Who is your favourite character?


Today, after watching the videos for chapter 4, you are going to be choosing a character from the book so far and creating a character profile.


You can create your profile using one of the sheets provided, or as long as you cover the subheadings below, you can present your work however you wish eg. as a poster, PowerPoint, video etc.


Subheadings to include...


  • Character's name.
  • What does the character look like? Describe them.
  • What is their personality like?
  • What do they do in the story/What have they done in the story so far?
  • How has their character changed in the story so far?


Also include a picture of your character.


We hope you have fun with this and have enjoyed the book so far.  We look forward to continuing the story next week.  We hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Diana class remember to email Mrs Mason today.