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Hello angel


Today is going to be fab! I want you to pretend you are either Icarus or Daedalus, Icarus's father.


You are going to write a diary entry for your chosen character for the Big Write task on Friday. But first, you must plan your diary entry.


I want you to read the story of Icarus again and then concentrate on the night before they escaped. As the character, I want you to write in past tense and first person, eg, I me, my, I've, us. You must include a rhetorical question about the experience, and self reflect on the situation. Be informal, remember it's your diary; let the words flow. We will be looking for good use of punctuation and grammar and ensuring the writing makes sense - Check! Check! Check!


Mrs Mason is going to be adding the success criteria for the Big Write on Friday but for now it's time to plan for it. Remember, Big Write is YOUR ideas and writing to show off everything you have learned so far; parents get to have some time off while you write your diary entry wink


I have added a planning template to this page which you are welcome to use (up to you). We do not need to see your plan, just the finished piece from Friday.