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Wednesday 3rd March

Dear Curie Class


Today I will be in school looking after our key worker children but please continue to send me your work. 

I won't be able to give you individual feedback on every piece of work but please know, I will see it and tick you off on the list which I will send to Mr Keep to show you are still working incredibly hard.

You are doing really well - stay positive and continue working hard! 


Not much longer and we will see each other again! YAY!!!


Have a lovely day.


Mrs Gorinheart

MATHS: Calculate fractions of a quantity

We are continuing to use our knowledge of dividing by a denominator (the bottom part of the fraction) to find one part. To find more than one part, we then multiply the one part that we find by the numerator to find several parts. For example to find 2/3 of 30, I divide 30 by 3 to find 1/3 which equals 10, then I multiply 10 by 2 which equals 20, so 2/3 of 30 is 20. Watch BOTH videos carefully, pausing to check your understanding. When the White Rose video prompts you to complete questions 1 to 5 on your worksheet, we are asking you to just complete questions 1 to 4 and you can stop the video there (the last part addresses the knowledge you need to complete the challenge tasks, so if you are finding it very difficult we recommend that you stop at 9 minutes in the video). However, for those of you that are super confident, do challenge yourself and watch the last part of the video before attempting the challenge tasks. Good luck. 👍🤞😁

Calculating a fraction of an amount

Another fantastic video from www.MathsMaster.Org


Please listen to the next two chapters of our current reading book.

The Saga of Erik the Viking Chapter 5

By Terry JonesHow Erik and His Men Were Turned to Stone

The Saga of Erik the Viking Chapter 6

By Terry JonesErik at The Enchanter's Court


I do apologise for rushing a bit at the end, I was running out of timecheeky

Guessing game


Look at the images below - Manipulated or Real. Can you circle the images you think are real? How did you decide this? Can you spot how they have been manipulated? Why do you think they have been manipulated this way? Is this right or wrong? What effects might the manipulation have?

You can check your answers by scrolling down the page - good luck! wink

PE with Mr E


Hello Year 4 I hope you had a good week and are looking forward to next week. Thank you for looking up the rules of Tag Rugby and this will make things a lot easier for us on our return to school.


One of the key elements to help you play Tag Rugby is agility, if you have great agility then you can dodge the defenders easily and score a try. Therefore, this week I would like you to play a fun and exciting game to help improve your agility using pegs (if you don't have pegs you can use tea towels). Please see the document below to check out the rules of the game and how to play. Please note this game needs two or more players and when it says to put the pegs on your body, please do not put the pegs on your body but attach them to your clothes instead.


Have fun.


Mr E