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Monday 15th June

Please be aware that we are both in school today, so we will not be replying to any e-mails.


Well done to Hawking class for winning the Battle of the Bands on Friday:



Hawking Class - Top 3:


Rajvir - 6630

Joshua -3434

Jacob - 2999


Pankhurst Class - Top 3:


Manuel - 3007

Grace - 1617

Alex - 1418




Today we are going to find out how light travels. Read the Presentation below carefully and then watch the video when you are instructed to.



The first scientist we would like you to read about this week is Alexander Graham Bell. Begin by reading the pdf document below to find out about his life and what he if famous for.


Then complete the reading comprehension attached below. All of the information that you need in order to answer the questions is in the text and each question is worth 1 mark. 


We will upload the answers later this afternoon so that you can check to see how you got on.


Good luck!