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This week's maths activities will be revision of the skills and knowledge you have acquired this term.


We have looked at:
*addition involving 4 digit numbers and exchange

*comparing and ordering amounts of money/numbers

*solving money problems involving the 4 operations

*converting units of time

*solving problems involving converting units of time

*reading and writing times on analogue and digital clocks (12 and 24 hours)

*recording and interpreting data from graphs and charts


Each sheet will have a few questions relating to one or more of the above-there will not be one sheet for each topic, so make sure you read each question carefully! 

When you have finished (and double checked your answers!) have a look at the website links at the bottom of the page and keep practising those maths skills. If you have found any other good maths resources that I might have missed, let me know!


Good luck!

Miss Sears