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Monday 23.11.20

Year 2 Maths 23 11 20

English 23.11 20

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English 23.11.20 This work is to take two days. Children need to write in full sentences and then check, edit and review their work, just as we would have done in class. Thank you.

Good Afternoon lovely winkYear2's


I really hope you are all keeping safe and making the best of your time at home. 


As you saw we are continuing our learning about habitats. Please work your way through the slide shows and complete the activity. If you are able to, keep your answers to bring in to me or feel free to email them to me at:


Look after yourself and we will see you soon.yes


Mrs Leecheeky



23 11 20 Chapter Four Inside the Egg



Hello Year 2. Hope you are all keeping well. Our main focus this term is balance. Balance is important throughout life and is great for other sports we may play in the future.


Therefore, could you please make an obstacle course around your home (please ask your adults permission) with a start and end point. In your obstacle course you need to place objects that you will have to balance on, like a pillow, cushion or a piece of paper. You then need to get from the start to the end using different ways of travelling e.g. hopping on one leg or hold a position (like a statue) for 5 seconds to develop your balance skills. Below is a video of a game called Lava floor, which you can play or use to get ideas for your own obstacle course you will create.


Again please ask permission from your adult before you use a pillow, cushion or stand on the sofas, like I have in the video. Please send me pictures of your obstacle course to


Below is another video that you can play with an adult or sibling to help improve your reactions. You will also find a video to help you create a chatterbox where you can put different exercises in the chatterbox to complete. Please try to include some balancing exercises inside your chatterbox. Please bring in your chatterboxes on the 30th November for us to use in PE.


Have fun and I look forward to seeing what you have achieved.


Mr Edwards