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Tuesday 21rd April. Static electricity

Static electricity

Dear Children

WELCOME BACK TO TERM 5!! How exciting. Have you been keeping safe and washing your hands?wink


Let's get creative and make something fun. Get some paper and a toilet roll to create this static electricity activity. If you have some thin paper or tissue paper it will be very effective.laugh Cut out a almost sausage like figure and stick it flat. Then add the tissue paper wings. You can draw or add googly eyes if you have some. Then use a balloon to rub against and see how the wings moves:) angel


Look after yourself and feel free to email me your effort at: . I would love to see what you got up to. cheeky


Enjoy the sunshine and stay positive. If you feel sad do something for someone and it will cheer you up! 


Bishop Ridley Cares about you! Be BRAVE, this too shall passheart