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Good morning, 


I wanted to let you know how proud we are of you and all you have accomplished while learning from home. We know it isn't easy at times so we just wanted to let you know how pleased we are that you (and your grown ups) haven't given up and continue to raise all our spirits. 


I understand that some of you are struggling with the concept of fractions but we can see from your hard work that you ARE progressing so pleased keep focused for just a little longer. wink


Here are some more equivalent fractions for you to recognise. Try the worksheet and maybe take some time to look up various online games relating to fractions that will help support your learning. is a great site for education games, as well as (you know the password) or BBC Bitesize. I encourage you to spend some time playing these games. 


Try your best but most of all, try to enjoy it. 



Year 3- Lesson 5 -Finding Equivalent Fractions