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Hey, how are you?


Another week is almost complete. I cannot believe it has been almost 12 weeks since I saw all of your beautiful and enthusiastic faces. I thoroughly enjoyed creating the joint videos and seeing all of you again. I think it's time we create another! Let me know your thoughts. 


Today, you are still working on Fractions but this time you re going to be subtracting them. 


1. Watch the Guided Learning video from yesterday's maths page. As you know, yesterday you were learning to add fractions with the same denominator, however, you will be learning hoe to subtract fractions with the same denominator. 


2. Choose which challenge you would like to achieve, for example, Developing to Expected OR Expected to Greater Depth. 


3. I would like you read your answers out loud, especially the 'reasoning' questions. I find that by saying what I want to write helps me to understand the concept thoroughly. Therefore, understanding the patterns that link with other fractions, 


4. I would like you link on the Top Marks Maths link and choose a Fraction Maths games to suit your ability and needs.  Think about what you have learned so far, and then think about what you need to work on to ensure you have good/great understanding of the topic, in this case, Fractions. Choose a game and play along until you understand how to solve the equation or problem. 



I hope you have fun with today's challenges.