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And the plot thickens...wink


The story is becoming exciting and captivating but is it fair on Hamlet? Does he deserve to be kept and treated the way he is being treated? 


Today, I would like you to listen to the rest of the chapter. Today, you will be thinking about sympathy and empathy, as well as the other Christian Values we live by. Think about Hamlet and how he was used for advertisement by Chulak, allowing paying customers to graffiti and paint on Hamlet's skin. 


Now, I want you to think about Bansky's, 'Elephant in the Room'. 

Look at the image of the elephant (below). Can you remember what discussions you had involving this elephant? Both elephants have been painted on (Bansky used animal safe paint) for advertising and to make a point. 



1. I want you to think about the elephant, Hamlet and the elephant in the room. Write about what they must have been feeling in those moments. Moments when people are painting on them and adding graffiti writing. 

2. Do you agree with the use of the elephants in this way? Why? 


Good luck smiley and have fun!

FMD Ch3 Part 2

The “elephant in the room” metaphor plays on how an elephant’s size would be unavoidable; they’d rub against you, knock over furniture. Even if you’re not mentioning the elephant, it’s presence is obvious from within the room. What is meant by that metaphor? Remember we worked on metaphors and the meaning before leaving school for home learning.