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Wednesday 9th December

Phonics 9.12.20

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Who Was Mary Anning?

Maths 3 - Number bonds to 10

PE with MR E

Hello Year 1.


Below are some videos of a few games and a circuit that you could play on your own or with your family. Please get permission before you play some of the games.


Have fun.

MUSIC with Mrs. Leelaugh


Morning lovely children


Today's activity involves some creativity and choice.


You can make your own percussion instrument with things you can find around the house. I am adding some videos to inspire you. You do not have to follow the instructions exactly. If you have been very busy and a bit tired of work or your adults is too busy with their own work ask if you are able to use a pot or pan to come up with your own tune. Try to make LOUD and SOFTER sounds. 


Have fun!


Hope to see you all soon!


Mrs. Lee


PS: If you bring in your instrument I can give you 2 stickers for good effort:) Or if you send me an email. laugh

Have a great day!!


Mrs. Leeyes