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Wednesday 16th December

Morning Year 1


laugh HOHOHO it's almost Christmas


Today we are combining all our learned skills for ICT and music.


I would like you (if you are at home and you are able) to ask your adult for permission to use a computer or device.


WALT: we are learning to memorize and perform body percussion to a Christmas song. 



1. Type in the search box 

2. Sleigh Ride with body percussion actions. (You Tube)

3. If you are able to dress Chrismassy do that:)


5. Start learning the dance stop and repeat if you have to. 

6. If you are allowed ask an adult to film you and then you can send this to family to show off your skills you learned in school this term. 


We will make some time to catch up some of these lovely dances in school next term


Have a marvellous Christmas children. Be safe and enjoy your rest time.


Christmas cheer to all far and near.


Mrs. Carien Lee