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12th July 2020 - Celebration Worship

Welcome. It's Friday, 12th June 2020.

Good morning, everyone. May the Lord be with you.

We are Bishop Ridley, we are One Community, Learning & Growing Together, Sharing the Love of God.


Our song for today
Today we will sing “I won’t be afraid.” Do you think you can copy some of the dance steps?
Our Bible passage for today is Jeremiah 29:11


11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


Celebration Worship

During this lockdown period, we recognise that each family has different pressures and different abilities to support children with their learning. The Pupils of the Week are chosen by the teachers to acknowledge our Christian Values. Sometimes they select a child to celebrate a particularly impressive piece of work, sometimes to celebrate a child who has shown determination and sometimes to give a boost to a child who might be finding things tough.
Please see this as a chance to stay together as a community and celebrate positive messages for the children during a difficult time.

Please join us in celebrating our Pupils of the Week.


Mrs Scotter has chosen Emmeline H for the value of Friendship by thinking of her friends during lockdown and even making cakes to put a smile on their faces!


Mrs Kenway has chosen Emily P. She shows a fantastic attitude to anything new that she has to tackle. She always has a smile on her face and I think it would be lovely for her to be pupil of the week. Up until now she has been engaging well with her home learning and kindly supports her family members.

Mr Nicholls says, “I’d like to nominate Shourya and Jake for their Wisdom. We are really proud of the progress you have made. Thank you for working so hard!”


Year 1

Miss Carr has chosen two pupils this week:
-    Katya for the value of service. She went out of her way to help other children in the Key Worker bubble group at school on Tuesday, putting their needs before her own. It was lovely to see her exhibiting such a mature and helpful attitude towards other members of our school community. 
-    Albie for Pupil of the Week for the value of hope. He showed an incredibly positive and enthusiastic attitude towards all activities undertaken in the Key Worker bubble group at school on Tuesday, even though it was his first day. It was great to see his optimistic approach towards returning to school life.

Mr Murphy says, “I would like to choose Neve for pupil of the week. She has shown great determination in learning how to ride her bike without stabilisers and from the video I saw looks like she will be an excellent off-road cyclist.” Well done, Neve!


Year 2
Mrs Coles has chosen Nathan. She says, “From Anning Class, I would like to nominate Nathan for the Christian Values of endurance and compassion. He has shown great determination and perseverance with his home learning, with fantastic results. He has also been a kind and compassionate little brother as his sister has been feeling sad about her missed opportunities as her time at Bishop Ridley comes to an end. I am so very proud of you Nathan!”

Mrs Horlock say, “I would like to nominate Jessie for pupil of the week for being kind and compassionate to all around her and always facing each new challenge with a smile on her face and a positive attitude.”


Year 3
Miss Smalley has chosen Hannah this week for the Christian value of endurance. She has applied herself well to her home schooling and she has often gone the extra mile by attempting to do the more difficult work, with great success.

Mrs Greenhead has decided to choose two people this week:
I like to nominate Calum C from 3S for his fantastic achievements in ICT and Media skills. Calum's project is a remarkably well thought out plan with a unique twist. The patience and care taking into creating the short movie is remarkable. I would like to show my appreciation for 'thinking out of the box', and making the Ancient Greek characters come to life. 

I would also like to nominate Finley S for the Christian Value, endurance. Finley has worked hard to create a tremendous mask from paper mache, the Minotaur, amongst other equally impressive Topic work. Keep it up!


Year 4
Miss Sears has chosen Jack M this week for the value of Endurance.  Jack has worked hard throughout home learning and has taken on board the advice given in his feedback in order to improve his work.  He hasn't given up even when things have been tricky or difficult. I am very proud of his work and his attitude towards it - keep it up!


Mrs Torrance has chosen Zarif for endurance, Zarif finds has been persevering with his Maths in particular during lock down. He is putting in a great deal of effort. Keep it up Zarif.

Year 5
Mr Martindale says, “I would like to pick Eleanor this week as her work is always of a great quality and she spent a long time making her very own personal banner displaying her personality.  She is clearly enjoying our new topic on the Tudors! “

Mrs Gorin has chosen Ryan. She says,”I have chosen Ryan for working to the best of his ability, following the school rules, making sure his friends and I are OK during these difficult times. I have been very impressed over and over again with Ryan's mature attitude towards home schooling and hard work. Well done!”

Year 6
Mr Catchpole says, “I'd like to nominate Jennifer for the values of kindness and hope. In her daily e-mails, she always asks how I am and has managed to maintain a mature and positive outlook throughout the lockdown period. I'm very proud of all of her dedicated attitude throughout this difficult time.”

Miss Facey says, “I would like to nominate Georgie as I have been really impressed with her continued effort and determination. She has worked really hard on her maths work every day, even when it has been really tricky, showing true resilience. She has also shown thankfulness when reflecting on her time at Bishop Ridley, sharing some really special memories with me.”


Sports and PE
Mr Edwards says, “For the value of Endurance could sports person of the week go to Ruby G (year 2) as on Monday she was struggling to play tennis but by Tuesday afternoon she was hitting the ball to another child clean and accurately. 

Can I also please choose Francesca C for endurance and love as at first she did not want to play a game Monday afternoon, but with a little help from Mrs Wade she participated, she won and then on Tuesday she tried to help her sister with the same game.”



A prayer for today


Dear God,
We thank you for your creation and the new life we see at spring time.
We ask for your help to show kindness and love to those around us.
We pray that you will guide our country’s leaders to make the right choices at this difficult time.
In Jesus’ name