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Welcome to another week of fun Phonics learning, is it really February!?  surprise


Your phonics work over the last couple of weeks has been incredible!  Your reading and blending are really coming on and we are so impressed with all of the wonderful learning sent to us!  It is clear how hard you are all working and we are so proud of you all! laugh


This week in Phonics we will continue going back over our Phase 2 sounds with 'g, o, c and k'.  The structure of the activities for each day will look similar to last week as we feel that the children are doing so well with this, however you will notice that we are now moving on to the next level of reading task. Please have the children try to sound out each sound, blend their sounds and read the words in the text as much as possible.  They are all at different levels so don't panic, but it is great to get as much practice with their reading as possible. yes


As before, if the children are confident with the sound, it is up to you whether or not to watch the Geraldine videos.  It is there for a recap if you need it or if they would like to watch it!


We have loved seeing pictures of the scavenger hunts...keep them coming and lets see who can find the most   Have fun! laugh