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Can you remember yesterday's Greek Myth, Pandora's Box? What has happened in the story so far? Can you remember the predictions that you made yesterday? I wonder what you would have done if you were Pandora? Would you have opened the box...or at least been tempted?


Today we are going to read Part 2 of the story, finding out what happens and if any of your predictions were correct. Once you have read it carefully, please discuss what happened and whether it was what you had expected. If not, were  there any clues that you missed in Part 1 of the story yesterday?


How did the ending make you feel? Surprised? Sad? Unsure? Think back to the emotive adjectives we have been using in the last week to help you. Then, using your mind map plan from yesterday, write up what you predicted would happen and compare it to what actually happened. Please ensure you use paragraphs to organise your writing and re-read your work as you go along to make sure it makes sense.

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