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Friday 5th February

Pupils of the Week and Young Author Award


Diana Class

Pupils of the Week - A very hard decision this week as so many of you are working so hard, either in school or at home. I couldn't be more proud of your engagement and commitment to learning. So, I have chose two pupils of the week, Alice and Ella, for the Christian values of Wisdom and Thankfulness. They have taken such a positive approach to the home-learning and have demonstrated an enjoyment for all of the tasks and activities set. They are always doing their best and are thankful for the experiences that they have had. Well done!

Young Author Award - Another hard decision, with so many of you showing an improvement with your writing skills. I have chosen Ruby for her commitment to trying her absolute best with writing independently. Ruby takes on board any feedback that I give her, along with the learning objectives, to improve her writing further. There has also been a big improvement in her handwriting in the pieces of writing that she is completing, which is fantastic to see. Well done!

Pupil of the week

Shepherd Class - I have chosen Jessie for the Christian values of endurance and thankfulness. Jessie is enthusiastic in all her learning. She is taking on board the feed forward comments and consistantly producing great work. Keep up the positive attitude Jessie, well done.

Young author of the term - A very difficult decision. I have chosen Alex. He always works to the best of his ability producing excellent work. Alex takes on borad all the feed forward comments and I have seen a great improvement in his handwriting over the last few weeks. He is including lots of  the writing skills that we have taught in all of his work. I particularly enjoyed his  chapter two extract about the adventures of Barney and Stig. Well done Alex.



Yay! We've made it to Friday of a very important week, thinking about our own Mental Wellbeing. We'd like as many of you as possible to switch off your devices and go and spend some time this afternoon outside to enjoy the fresh air and your local surroundings. Mr Edwards has put a Fresh Air Friday link on the Take A Break page with a few fun activities, such as Nature Bingo and Nature Alphabet that you could try. If you are unable to go outside, please try to still switch off and be active in another, safe way.


We wish you a lovely afternoon and weekend ahead heart