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Pupils of the Week


Hawking - This week, Mr Catchpole has chosen Roshan for the values of Respect and Service. Roshan always sends his work through every day and his emails are always polite and respectful. He is incredibly diligent and always goes back to correct his errors, which is really helping him to make some great progress. Well done, Roshan and keep up the amazing effort!


Pankhurst - This week, Miss Facey has chosen Bertie for the values of Endurance and Compassion. Bertie has worked really hard this week to complete all of his learning to the best of his ability. He has persevered when things have been tricky and has sent me some lovely messages to ask how how I am in his daily emails too. Thank you for making me smile, Bertie, and keep up the fantastic work! 



Today we would like you to complete a reading lesson using the Oak National Academy.


To help you with this, we have created a worksheet below with boxes for your responses to the questions in the video. When you are asked to pause, please use the sheet to answer the questions.


The link for today's video can be found here.


Happy reading!



Today we would like you to log back on to to undertake an arithmetic paper. Some people gave some useful feedback last week that it was quite difficult to do your working out on the screen, so we would recommend having some rough paper with you to do your working outs on.


You should try and time yourself for 30 minutes when doing this.


Once you have finished, head on over to Times Tables Rockstars, where we have a Hawking vs Pankhurst competition running today. Pankhurst are currently winning 1-0 in 2021, so Hawking need to work hard to make it a tie!


Have fun!


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