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As with last week, all of the spelling tests are in the same video and therefore you will need to start the video at different times depending on your spelling group. Please look at the start times below so that you know how far you need to skip through the video. You are of course welcome to listen to the whole video but please make sure that you only do the spelling test for your group.


Mrs Donegan's Group- Please watch the video from the beginning and stop once you have marked your spellings.

Group 1- Please skip through to 3 minutes and 7 seconds and watch from there until you have marked your spellings.

Group 2 - Please skip through to  5 minutes and 53 seconds and watch from there until you have marked your spellings.

Group 3 - Please skip through to 9 minutes and 11 seconds and watch to the end.


Good luck everybody!

Year 6 Spelling Test



This afternoon, we are returning to Mr Palakar over at the Oak National Academy. In this lesson, he is going to explore how music is organised and look at music with 4 beats and 2 beats in a bar.


Find the lesson by clicking the link here and remember to watch this with headphones in so that your parents can have some peace and quiet!