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How are you today? Did you enjoy working through your addition problems and sums? Well, today you will be working on Subtraction. Do you enjoy subtraction? Did you notice any patterns from yesterday's addition work to help you work out the subtraction - the inverse. Remember that how you check the answer is correct.


For example: 200 + 50 = 250 Did you check? 250 - 50 = 200 or 250 - 200 = 50. 


If you are unsure about how to work out the subtraction calculation, take some time to watch the Guided Learning materials and see if they support your understanding. 


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Year 3 - Subtract 2 and 3 digit numbers

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If you think you have the confidence to take on an extra challenge, why not try subtracting a 3 digit number from another 3 digit number?

The Learning Guide is below, as well as an activity sheet. 

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Year 3 - Week 6 - Lesson 3 - Subtract 3 digit numbers with exchange

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