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Tuesday 21st April


This week we will be adding and subtracting decimal numbers.  There is a short video to watch and a PDF to go through to start you off.  The answers in the PDF are on the next page, so try and work out the answers before you move on.  There are two sheets: the developing questions are easier and the expected and greater depth questions will give a bit more of a challenge. 

Hello everyone


Welcome back, we hope you’ve had a wonderful Easter break and you are ready to work hard again.


This half term you are going to start creating fantasy stories. Our new topic is called Alchemy Island so all the tasks will be related with a fantasy world, portals, magic and your wonderful imagination.


Your first task is to take a look at the attached PowerPoint which will tell you a little bit about fantasy stories and their features. Please watch three short videos taken from various movies to give you some idea what a portal looks like or how the real world could connect with fantasy.


When you finish, please read the attached story about Alice in Wonderland. Your task is to write down five to ten fantasy examples from the text. You can type them in or write them down on a piece of paper. I would suggest you keep all your work/sheets in one place because you will be referring to your work as we move forward.

Fantasy Stories PowerPoint

Useful vocabulary - fantasy world


Reading text

Alice part 1

Alice part 2

Alice part 3

Alice part 4

Alice part 5

Alice part 6

Alice part 7