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Good morning!  Happy Thursday year 5!  Today in Maths we are going to finish off and review reflection with coordinates.  You have been working hard on this throughout the week and completed some fantastic work.  I have not given you any new PowerPoints or videos today to look at as you have already done so much on this.  If you need a reminder, you can look back at the lessons on the Oak National Academy from earlier in the week.


It is difficult with reflection questions to create tasks that are easy to access via the website.  In the activities today, you can either print them and write on the sheet, or use 'insert shapes' to mark lines for the reflected shapes on the Word document.  I have tried to explain this in more detail on the sheets - hope it makes sense!  As this may be more time consuming, I have given slightly less questions!  Good luck! 


Armstrong class - Remember to email Mrs Mason today.

Thank you so much for the amazing, special and thoughtful video you all put together - it was truly the most wonderful gift and made me very emotional.  I miss you all.  Mrs Mason smiley